Joining threads
Joining lives

Encouraging creativity empowers and strengthens our resourcefulness and talent, availing possibilities to improve livelihoods. We share craft skills with women and children in projects located in North India.

Our Projects

What we do

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Women Skill Building

We work with women's groups sharing knitting, crochet, felting and sewing techniques through workshops for NGOs in New Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.

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We offer teacher trainings and workshop-classes with children and youth using arts and crafts to facilitate various ways of learning through activities in the classroom.

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Encouraging wealth for women

We intend to link groups within our network who can purchase the products that will directly  earn money for the women. For e.g. Atma Seva buys felted hot water bottle covers and knitted hand warmers and La Volotte in Germany bought cloth bags and felted buttons from Jan Madhyam. We also aim to encourage the women to form small co-operatives who can learn how to setup local outlets to sell their crafts independently.

About us

Barbara and Sindhu’s collaboration and friendship started spontaneously in 2018 when they met in Rishikesh.

Barbara Münz

Barbara from Germany, is a mother and a yoga teacher who has been passionately creating and knitting for 50 years. She is a master crafts woman who shares her skills most generously.

Sindhu Eswaran

Sindhu from India, is an enthusiastic, creative educator whose interests and wide range of skills have combined in her ongoing work with women and children.